The Future Vision and Aims of Department of Islamic sciences

    1. Interest in Al- Qur'an to spread the Islamic culture.

    2. Bringing up a generation aware of  Al- Qur'an and its sciences.

    3.Providing the directorate of education with an educational staff capable of teaching Islamic education at secondary schools.

    4.  Preparing a generation with new, average and comprehensive system away from extremism and elevation and aware of the circumstances of the country and the region.    

    5. Immunizing the young of the governorate from intellectual and cultural deviations through graduating specialists having comprehensive and average understanding.

     6. Spreading the culture of diversity and multilateralism among people despite their theological  doctrine through fostering different theological opinions and dealing with these opinions in academic studies as well as spreading the culture of intimateness among doctrines and religions.

     Here comes our responsibility towards our nation and our sons so that we advise and direct them to immune them from the destructive ideas through graduating teachers aware of danger to  avoid.

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