Establishment of the Department of History

    This department had been established in 1995-1996 in Diyala university which  was attached to Al- Mustansiriya university. It was among the first departments established in this college (Arabic, English and History). Despite the difficulties ,  the little number of the competent teachers managed to supply the department with the necessary supplements for the study.

    The department was composed of three halls which were named according to historical indications. These names were ( Fateh Al- Fitoh, Jalawlaa and Saria). The first group accepted in this department were (149) students who have been graduated in 1999-2000. A number of thos students got high marks that qualified them to continue in their higher studies later. Gradually, the number of the teachers had been increased to include competent teachers and their number now is (28). Higher studies ( master) in this department opened in 2000-2001. About (80) students get their Master degree in Islamic history and modern and contemporary  history from this department. In 1998-1999 evening studies had been found and it has a great importance in supporting the scientific process as well as fulfilling the need of the society.

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