The Deans’ office

    Officials of deans’ office

    1-  senior. lawyer.  Hasnaa khazael Hameed      senior. Lawyer.  Hasnaa khazael Hameed

    2- Mrooge Hashim Kamil                                       Assist. lecturer

    3- Rashida Hameed Mohammad                         senior services assistant

    4- Madeeh Shbail Chalab                                    senior driver assistant

    5- Latif  Nessayif Jasim                                        driver 

    6- Hashim Hameed Mohammad                         driver

    7- Ahmed Amer Ahmed                                      workman

    8-Shahad Ziyad Khalefa                                     evening contract


    The missions and duties of deans’ office:-

    1. Following the mail, visits and appointments.
    2. Copying the official book that involved with the deanship.
    3. Following the ministerial mail and receive it from and to the departments and administrative units.
    4. Receipt and receiving the internal mail to Mr. Dean and the administrative units.
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