Department of public information

    Department of public information :-

    1-Mansoor Khidayer Sakran           Director department of public information

    2-Murtadha Shakir Mahmood        technician

    3-Ahmed Riyad Ali                          prime workman


    The missions and duties of department of public information:-

    • Covering all activities of the college , edit the news and publish it on website of the college .  
    • The coordination with media of the university to showing the activities of college and display its’ effect in the society .
    • Communication with media of the university and the ministry through sending the prints and the news.
    • Participation in the conferences of other colleges in the university.
    • Activating the work with administrators of media units in other colleges.
    • Achievement of public relations missions for the guests outside and inside the university.
    • Publishing the announcement that specialize in the college and the special official  guidances with  deanship the college.
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