Library of the college

    Library of the college:-

    Lecturer. Alaa Hussain Elawi               Director of Library of the college


    Officials of the Library:-

    1. Ektifaa Esmael Kamar              boss of workmen
    2. Huthaifa Kamal Hussain           Observant  assistant
    3. Ahmad Abd allah Salman        clerk
    4. Saad Abd Al Sahib Hamoodi      clerk
    5. Ghazwan Latif Mahmood            workman
    6. Talib Madloom Nadawi            boss of translators

    Library of the college consist of four units:-

    1. Unit of Borrowing
    2. Unit of central library
    3. Unit of indexing and classification the books
    4. Unit of  the covering


    The missions and duties of Library of the college:-

    • Loaning the books that existing in the Library to the students of preliminary study, the students of high studies and the teachers.
    • Classification the books that received from the deanship, the university or dedicated from other colleges or that bought from the others or other side.
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