The Future , Massage and Aims of the Department of Arabic Language

    The Future Vision of the Department :-

    The vision of the department focuses on developing the scientific basis of understanding linguistics and literature in a way homogenous with the contemporary philosophies. Also, it  guides  this basis in a way that show the specification of the Arabic language and its working mechanism in the studying fields of critics, stylistics, phonology, syntax and their consequents. This vision hypothesizes that these studies reinforce the noble values in the society and widen the student's thinking recognitions.


    The Massage of the Department :-

    The department of Arabic Language works to qualify educated staff who is conscious of the importance of the Arabic language and its specification among the other language of the world. It opens the zones of interaction with the society and conveys the noble values carried by this language . Also, the department works to deepen the complementary concepts with the other scientific and human specializations.

    The Aims of the Department:-

    1- Preparing a promised generation who is conscious of the importance of the educational, human, and scientific values because of its effected influence in building up the society.

    2- Spreading the cooperation ways between the education college for human science and the educational directorates to prepare scientifically and professionally teachers of Arabic Language.

    3- Raising up with the Arabic Language –as being  the language of the Glorious Qur'an – and working seriously for its safety .

    4- Explaining the human scope of this language among the other languages of contemporary world.

    5- Working on developing the student's grammatical and literary skills that is proper with the size of its mission.


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