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College of Education For Human Sciences organizes a lecture about the causes and treatment of autism

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Updated   27/01/2016 10:08 AM


College of Education For Human Sciences organizes a lecture about the causes and treatment of autism

Sponsored by Assist. Professor. Nessayif J. Mohammed AlKhafaji, Esq, Dean of College of Education For Human Sciences. Our College organized a lecture entitled (disorders of autism,its causes and treatment) on Sunday 2016/12/20  By Prof. Dr. Haitham Ahmed Ali .He Explained that illness of autism, is most of the mental illnesses difficulty and intensity where its' effect on the individual behavior who Suffers from and its' capability to Learning or social upbringing or Vocational Preparation or ability to Self-protection, A person who carry out this  attribute unable to assimilate himself  also persons who arround him, hes' autistic with his imagination and mysterious, he does meditation acts , these meditation may be illusional because, child who suffers from  autism lack the language , the manner of Contact and Interaction with others . a lecturer mentioned there are treatments for autism as amendment of the behavior according to Instructional strategy depend on Principle of the reinforcement and the Participation by using a schedule of photo activities and treatment of  Pronunciation and improvement of  the language by Strengthening Muscles of a device of utterance and the training to use a words and a pronouns in correct way as well as Communication and visual-kinetic-dynamic-audio synergy and  treatment in individual and collective play , through play a child Acquire new Social Skills and Behaviours .






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