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Mission, Vision and Objectives of the College

College Vision:-

It is clear that the higher societies and their development are through the programs of scientific institutions through the formulation of a policy for these communities in various fields and the vision that the college of education for Human sciences seeks to reach Is to put through their programs a guide of work to the institutions of the community as a whole and be a reference to those institutions, and seeks to introduce a scientific experience to its students in order to do the duties entrusted to them and the used techniques in the world's ancient universities, making the institutions of the society a position equal to those in the developed countries of the world


College Message:-

The message of the college of Education for Human Sciences is graduates a specialized teacher with all the latest technology in the field of education Be able to compete in the market of work  especially the Ministry of Education and embrace the special graduates of the general competence  to complete high studies (Masters and doctorate ) and  do a  scientific research Which helps to promote society and solve problems, As well as to qualifying of graduates in high studies to provide the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research with scientifically advanced capabilities in order to plug the need for specialized specialists in Iraqi universities.



Objectives of the College:-

Preparation of scientific staff of holders of a bachelor's degree have a bachelor's degree their to leads the educational process in society

Preparing specialists in the use of modern educational techniques

Preparation of specialized scientific staff of the Masters and doctorate to be provided by Iraqi universities and scientific research institutions in the community

Conducting basic and applied studies and research, and holding seminars and scientific conferences that contribute to the progress of society

Planting the scientific tendency for students to solve the difficulties and provide them with the skills that help them to chieve





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   Vision and Objectives      of the College

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